Dubai is building the world’s tallest residential clock tower

For 2027 :Dubai Unveils World’s Tallest Residential Clock Tower in a Historic Collaboration

Dubai, renowned for its skyline that melds futuristic architecture with luxurious design, has once again captured the world’s attention. This time, it’s with the announcement of the Franck Muller Aeternitas tower, a project that stands as a testament to Dubai’s ambition and its relentless pursuit of architectural marvels.

This venture marks a historic collaboration between Dubai-based developer London Gate and the prestigious Swiss luxury watchmaker Franck Muller, setting the stage for the creation of the world’s tallest residential clock tower nestled in the heart of Dubai Marina.

At an awe-inspiring height of 450 meters, the Franck Muller Aeternitas is poised to offer more than just opulent living spaces—it promises a lifestyle steeped in unparalleled luxury and innovation.

Redefining the Essence of Luxury Living

The Franck Muller Aeternitas tower is envisioned to redefine the standards of luxury living. With London Gate rolling out projects valued at over Dh8 billion in Dubai this year alone, this tower is a highlight with a sales value exceeding Dh2 billion.

It will feature 649 exquisitely designed one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments, as well as duplexes termed Sky Mansions and Sky Villas, distributed across 106 floors. Each living space is designed to offer residents not just a home, but a sanctuary that epitomizes elegance and luxury.

Luxury Amenities for a Distinguished Lifestyle

The tower is set to offer an unparalleled array of amenities, ensuring residents experience luxury at every turn. From a serene Zen garden, private cinema, and exclusive cigar lounge to a well-stocked library, state-of-the-art spa, and a tranquil yoga room, the amenities are carefully curated to cater to every aspect of high-end living.

Additionally, a 24/7 concierge service will ensure that residents’ needs are meticulously attended to. In a distinctive blend of luxury and exclusivity, each apartment purchase will be accompanied by a limited edition Franck Muller watch, symbolizing the fusion of fine living and timeless elegance.

Prime Location In Dubai for Premium Experiences

Strategically situated in Dubai Marina, the Franck Muller Aeternitas tower benefits from a premier waterfront location that melds the charm of marina living with the vibrant energy of Dubai’s iconic district. Its proximity to key destinations like Palm Jumeirah, along with easy access to shopping malls, airports, and golf courses, places residents at the nexus of convenience and luxury.

A Monument to Timeless Elegance

The tower’s signature feature, a grand Franck Muller clock, to be constructed by the esteemed German manufacturer responsible for Makkah’s tower clock, will be a beacon of elegance visible from kilometers away. This majestic clock not only enhances the tower’s aesthetic appeal but also embodies the spirit of timeless elegance and exceptional craftsmanship that both London Gate and Franck Muller champion.

Setting a New Standard in Luxury Living

With an official unveiling slated for January 2024 and occupancy anticipated by 2026, the Franck Muller Aeternitas tower is not just Franck Muller’s inaugural venture into the realm of real estate but is also poised to establish new benchmarks for luxury branded residences worldwide. This project underscores Dubai’s ambition to remain at the forefront of iconic and luxurious developments, offering a living experience that seamlessly combines architectural brilliance with the opulence of a luxury lifestyle.

This groundbreaking collaboration between London Gate and Franck Muller is a clear indicator of Dubai’s enduring status as a global hub for luxury real estate. It promises to deliver an unmatched living experience that harmonizes architectural excellence with the essence of luxury living, further cementing Dubai’s reputation as a city that not only reaches for the skies but does so with unparalleled elegance and flair.

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